Tuesday, June 1, 2010

bfg on ipadding

So I am writing this on the new iPad. Oh boy! She is a beauty, I am not gonna lie. She feels heavenly in my lap and I am actually able to type as quickly as on my laptop. Lovely!

The only problem is I have to charge it not to mention write this in HTML code instead; the Baby is not bloggeer compatible. Yet.

The first move to the bf's went well. Besides too much eating out, things are going well. We were finally able to agree on the bookshelf arrangement in the bedroom. Once that was done and the books unpacked it has been easy breezy. It is a little crazy how I have spent so much time here but the site if my hardcover Robert jordan's by my Puka slippers next to the dog's water dish... It makes it so real. Sometimes I am jerked by the realization and that soon enough I will be going through this yet again just times one gazillion millions.

This week has many to-dos but soon I will be devoting most of my time to reading for the thesis. Joy! But I can not bring all these books so the reading needs to get done. And as much ss I love my topic - Japanese Nationalism - i need to focus on getting it done. Gotts be lean and mean and not drown myself in details like I always do.

I will be babysitting Favorite Person ( ie. Nephew Luca)every Wednesday. It breaks my heart to think that when I return to him i will be a stranger. Well, he will be receiving many gifts by post that is for surer.

For now, the focus is on my big electronic purchases like the laptop, camera, video recorder... And no the iPad is not coming with me since it will act as Serogate at home in my absence. Now that the excitement is dying off I am starting to not want to leave. Oh don't get me wrong I want to go with every bone in my body. It is just that i want to bring major parts of home with me: Antonio, my slippers, poutine, he'll even the dog. And though I am even more thrilled at the prospect of living cat-free for a year I can't imagine watching the next season of Dexter without extensive debates.

So the plan is to count my blessings - unlike other Jets who have to work until the end I have two months to take my fill and drink up Montreal. And though I may not be able to watch Dexter with the bf, we have True Blood to look forward to.

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