Saturday, September 11, 2010

bfg on peach boys


So the scooter is purchased.

All to soon, you people will be craving for the days when I spoke about the Hill. You will beg me to repeat stories of my adventures. But in about a week you will have a reprieve. Latest by Thursday, I should be the proud owner of a scouter. In exactly one month to the day that I arrived in Shizuoka, I got my Japanese driver's licence and purchased my first set of 2 wheel drive that runs on gas.

The best part of this other than the fact that I should get to school in less than 15 minutes is the fact that I am, well still am, overcoming a terrifying feeling of driving that scooter.

When I look at the Scooter Drivers I am always freaked out by the imagined accidents I put them in. No hood of a car to protect, no steal frame from stopping foreign object entering my body. It seems so vulnerable - like being on a bike times a million.

Learning how to ride Glinda was much the same and the memory of that has propelled me to move forward with this because honestly, the misery of this transport is wearing on my mind fast (and the entertainment value of these blogposts). I could not understand riding on the left, actually not running through lights and the worries of parking ones bike. But I learned, quickly! and even adapted. It is so weird to think of me scared of riding Glinda - now I ride her in between lanes even! I am hoping Future Me will reread this post and laugh while covering my mouth from the horrible snorting sounds it makes. Hoping...

Someone asked me if it was difficult and I don't know what to say. In retrospect no, but that is only because things fell into place with me. My JTE Na, my friend of a friend Akiko and Takako my friend - without them being at my side to translate during such "serious" discussions I would never have gotten this far so quickly.

Last week, I went for my license. Na brought me to the Shizuoka Station who sent us to Suruga City Hall who then sent us to Suruga Police Station. That experience was difficult - totally like that (horrible) movie Lost in translation. The entire police station was trying to figure out what to do with the Canadian who had to have a license because of the Hill.


I never finished that post since this week has been hell. I love teaching but I have to say it is so hard. I know now why it is so difficult to teach a language ... to kids that don't want to learn. Especially my kids! Most of them are not going on to university. Most of them have no interest in travel. They are going to work in a Japanese company and really don't NEED English.

Everyday I have stayed at work past 5 (about 1hr longer than I am paid for) preping and helping students in the speech contest. Thursday the school had a feild trip which I was invited to go to but found out Friday that it was a vacation day. How fucking SHITTY of these people to tell me after? My super awesome supervisor was on my side as I said it wasn't the fact that I took a holiday but the fact that I was told after the fact.

Anyways, I did get the scooter on Wednesday night. Went by myself but the man was, of course, super kind and we managed. He was so kind too, "This is your first time?"


"Please be careful."  The last he did say in English.

I was nervous. My first time on the street... but in 5 minutes I was home and happy.

I ended up meeting a friend of mine after and as tempted as I was to take the scooter I went with Glinda. Don't want her getting jealous plus I promised I would really only use the scooter for work.

A great thesis session where Tahei and I discussed this business article in BOSS magazine which discusses how Japanese companies and people in general need to readopt bushido.


Go home. Thinking about tomorrow... cars on the road.... students. I was convinced that practicing this evening would be a good thing.

Off I went on Momotaro, my peach boy!, and it was awesome. I went about 20-25km an hour and though it was dark I was more than fine. Everything was fine. I was getting comfortable.

The Bitch was just up ahead. I was mentally ready to take her over.

Sharp turn at the Mini Shop - in fact the Hill is so narrow the road looks like an alley way.

Turning going up turning tipping falling falling

and this was my fuck up: my instinct was that I was on Glinda not Momo.

I put one foot down. to balance myself. On a bike thats fine - a scooter not so.

I braked which is smart but without LIFTING my hand so I didn't  cut the engine.

So I fell. And so did Momo - on me. Unfortunatly, since the motor was still going the bike went forward and and was scratched.

"Baijyobudesuka!" a dark figure up the hill shouted.

Blood on my knee and ankle. My shoulder and leg were throbbing but it was fine. I can handle my own blood considering I have injured myself so many times falling am used to it by now.

I got back on the bike. "Hai."

I only climbed 1/3 of The Hil-itch (my new name for her) that night, but I did it.

I drove back home went into my apartment and tended to my wounds.

For the rest of the week, I rode Momo to school and back. All is well and I am getting used to the feel of her. I learned on my friends scooter which is much heavier, like a horse, than Momo. Momo needs light guidance so I am still getting used to handling him as well as finding the centre of balance on the scooter.

I will say that it did add this level of stress the whole week. And tonight it is Saturday but I am home tending to a swollen ankle and finishing a long overdue blogpost.

My Friday lesson was again horrible. So tomorrow I will be researching class games and stuff online some more and try to find something that could work with these kids.

Future Me isn't laughing right now. Nor am I a bundle of despair - I love Momo! just hate myself :)

Future Me just needs (another) nap.

bfg off to watch sexy samurai tv shows, play scrabble on my iPhone and scratch my arm pits while I sit under the AC. It may be September but its bloody hot!

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