Saturday, March 12, 2011

bfg on ...

What title would be appropriate for this? bfg on the tsunami? Please, that is so...

Uh this whole thing is a mess. I am in Japan. I felt the Earthquake but in all honestly it was exciting and wondrous. I thought I was dying because someone poisoned me then I thought I fell asleep and was dreaming about Inception then someone yelled "EARTHQUAKE" and I realized I needed to get out of my bubble and start living reality. It lasted a long moment. It felt like an hour and a few seconds at the same time. It also felt like my stomach went up my esophagus and into my brain.

There were many warnings and it was scary to see your city highlighted in red on the Japanese Meteorological site but the truth is I feel like I am in another Japan. One that had a little shake and a little scare. This is not the Japan where 1000 people died, houses were swept up, people, cars, planes... THAT Japan is on TV and facebook statuses. It is part of the Lady Gaga bracelets on sale for the relief fund.

I hate this because once Hollywood gets involved suddenly it feels like this is a work of bad fiction. Instead of being engrossed I am removed. Pretty soon Michael Jackson will come back from the dead and sing a song about it - all proceeds going to the relief no doubt. In three years a movie about a dog will come out where he singlehandedly rescued an orphanage of children stuck on a roof by swimming them across to a more stable rooftop and the Government of Japan will make a peace centre for it.

It just doesn't feel real anymore. Instead it is so removed and distant... like a movie. I drove to the shoreline because I had to see it for myself. I was expecting some coastguards or something... but instead there was silent beauty.

So, please stop thinking of me family and friends. Think about Sendai, help them too before Hollywood sucks the humanity out of it. I am off to study at a resto so I don't consume energy (which Shizuoka is providing to Tokyo) and maybe get some homework done.


  1. I got that surreal feeling from your description ... Sean Penn will be there Sunday. Let's hope he leaves Charlie Sheen home.

    Glad you were not in the path of destruction!

    ~ Tequila

  2. that's how I feel about New York. Like there's MY new york, which has cars and houses and lawns, and blended religions and families and people of color who aren't just around to play someone's "sassy" friend that is not reflected in sex and the city/friends. (this is kendra btw)

  3. It is worse now... especially that there IS a dog story and people are singing for Japan with benefits and stuff. It is not that I do not think awareness is necessary but I just hate that it has become a commodity. Worst still is how the English media, what I have seen of it, makes everything into a movie headline. I hate it because any sympathetic, human sentiment they may have is outshined by the pure glee they have of knowing the world is watching the news.