Saturday, May 1, 2010

bfg on long days

I may recycle this title... we shall see.

Today was a long day.

On the side of being positive, I got to spend real quality time with my nephew which is awesome. I had a great time playing with him but upon reflection I am so not ready to be a parent.

Tomorrow is Nephew Luca's first birthday so you can probably imagine: 60+ people with my bf probably the only non-Italian there. This morning I went to my sister's early and distracted the boy while the bf and she cooked. Fun.

But I was tired by 2pm and the day was far from over. It was ALSO my younger sister's communion which was nice. I got to sit accross my Nonnina and chat with her. She is not happy about my going to Japan; "Your ovaries are rotting!" she keeps on telling me. Even though Ant reassured her, it seems like she is set on being mad. One more reason to avoid storing books in her basement.

Tomorrow is B-day but before I need to go back to Pharmaprix and retake my passport pics. The Government of Canada REJECTED my application because:

- the photo was not cut properly
- there was too much of a focus on my face and shoulders without appropriate amount of white space around it.
- and there are shadows on my face (huh?)

So I have to go through this all over again. Can you imagine!! So sad and annoying; am concerned I won't get it on time but hopfully it will work out.

I wish it would end here but since I posted stuff on Craig's List my lunch hours and post-5pm time belong to the curious eyes of potential buyers. So far so good... but I really hope to get it all out soon.

Wednesday will be my first Japanese language class with JET which is exciting!
bfg goes to bed while watching GLEE.


  1. Hey - found your blog on Englipedia and your writing is so charming!! Can't wait to see what Japan is like for you :) Keep it up, yeah?