Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bfg on getting used to things being smaller

Today sent out an email to family and friends with a link to my Picasa album of all the juicy things I am selling.
Many are so surprised that I am selling my laptops for a netbook.

The answer is I need to get used to smaller.

As an honourary giant, I have certain privileges in life. I was never a delicate walker for instance - instead I bulldoze ahead. Some people think its rude but the really small kids that I run over I often don't even see in my hurry and long shadow.

But this has been a privilege. I am going off to a place where space is limited and where my height which here is passably tall will be extremely noticeable (so I am told). I need to get used to it.

I am soooo excited to get rid of my stuff. It's time for a fresh start even if it will be a tough one.

In other updates, today via email I got my Pre-Orientation Schedule from JET. It turns out they are going to host 4 hr/week Japanese language lessons at McGill! How awesome is that! I am so excited - it will be so good to get into a grove. I am lost without a classroom. It is like a sailor with no boat. Pathetic but the presence of a teacher and the fear of disappointing them really moves me forward.

In June there is also a karaoke get together where I will meet other MTL JET Short-Lister's and Alternates! Again, amazing.

with that I sign off - returning to my craig's list frenzy.
Here is the link to my album in case you did not already know:

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