Sunday, April 18, 2010

bfg on the importance of list making

I like making lists.

There are several reasons for this. Much of the time it has to do with the fact that I have the professor gene of forgetting everything. I never invest in an umbrella for example because I know I will forget it, try as I may not to, at some restaurant or bus stop.

Mostly though it has to do with the sad fact that when I am done writing my list, I look at it and literally say to myself, like anyone with good Roman blood, "Yeah Bitch! I can conquer your ass!" The sense of control I have at a glance of the carefully spaced lines with perfect little check-boxes drawn in the left-hand corner is astounding. "I can DO this. It is right here before my eyes."

Bliss comes when I check an item off said list. I lie actually. First, I check it off but then I strike it off twice and sometimes even write a little note on the experience. Next to "Mail rent cheque to Mikio" which is from last Friday's list, I wrote in a diagonal in green pen, "service man @ PostO[ffice] rude ~ charged 15cents for interac!" My lists start entering the third dimension when I start drawing lines between items, demonstrating relationships and reliances.

I have a list-maker on my lovely HTC Dream, but its nothing to pen and Moleskin. And not just any pen. It must be my extremely sexy V5 Pilot pens, all colours accepted. The perfect amount of ink that bleeds onto the page, the crunch sound as I write... all so satisfying. All create a false semblance that I am Caesar-ess, that something is happening, that I am getting things done.

So you can imagine, as I search for reasons to procrastinate on finishing these final papers, I have made EXTENSIVE lists the two major ones being:
 "Things to Buy Before Leaving For Japan"
Sample items:
(infamous) tampons
deoderant x2
 (** fun fact: did you know that many sites 
recommend you bring extra because it is not commonly sold. Go figure.**)

 and "Things to Do Before leaving"
Sample Items:
do taxes
call Fido and see if can defer cell
sell stuff

That last has had me start a new list this morning... "Things to Sell" which I know will be a blogpost in itself - "bfg on craig's list adventures" or something.

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