Saturday, April 17, 2010

bfg on not having patience and departure outfits

Not even twenty-four hours since my last post and I have gone from high levels of excitement and anxious-ness to  frustration.

I have never been a patient person. Believe me, it is something I have been working on but I just hate waiting. Servers that make me wait get an instant cut when it is time to tip. Lines in a grocery store often have me drop my items in some basket and leave - I would rather reshop than wait. My ugliness really comes out when a cashier takes a gazillion years to count out change; I can't help but start telling them the most efficient divide and then a short scolding on how if something is going to be your profession you should know what you are doing. Only after about 2 feet of walking away, do I realize with shame how I could have handled the situation with some more elegance. Only after.

So my lack of patience right now is not good. I want to go home and start packing - a hyper complex move this time since there will be the "going to sell pile", "going to Ant's pile", "going to Nonnina's for storage pile" and "going to Japan". I also feel that I need to start figuring out what books I am going to take with me since I can sense that it is going to be so hard for me NOT to bring so much. How will I sleep at night with out looking at my Robert Jordan hardcovers all shrink wrapped and perfect with their promises of adventures and  romance? Just that will have me pass the 20 kilo limit!

This lack of patience has helped me though in many ways. Because I am such an anxious person I usually get things done early; all the paper work for Japan was shipped less then 36 hours after I received acceptance. Pretty good *peacock moment* but now I am home, it is Saturday and I should be finishing up my final papers. Instead, I am working at a snail's pace procrastinating by writing blog posts, give the dog some attention, and thinking of cleaning the house. It is not that I didn't get any work done. Rather, my brain is somewhere else and it can not be occupied by this "stuff". A worrisome thought since technically, I am finishing my Master's thesis in Japan. Not that is going to be a REAL distraction.

My thoughts wonder to the moment of departure. And, as typical to someone who was raised by a woman with more pairs of shoes than should be legal, I specifically think about what I am going to wear. I will be traveling for just over 24 hours so it needs to be comfortable. I am also one of those people who likes to dress comfortably but nice enough so that if I am invited to some secret CIA cocktail party while on the plane I won't feel out of place. And yes, I am specifically imagining myself in first class siting next to CHUCK on one of his missions eating sushi and drinking champagne. Yum. I am thinking denium jeans from GAP, a Tokyo Underground t-shirt from Simons (its for men but who cares or knows?), a jacket and headband. Maybe some stylish sneakers... definitely flats. Any suggestions?

Okay - bfg returns to paper writing and outfit coordination. Oh, and do my nails because I am trying out new colours!

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  1. Dark washed jeans, ballet flats (which also are easily slipped off when you go through airport security), a simple tee or perhaps a very basic blouse from banana, and a wool blazer. Also I always love the idea of strolling through the airport with my sleek rolling carry on (I'm in love with these: though my wallet isn't) and a light handbag with nothing in it but a sleek book, my passport (in case), wallet, ipod and cell phone.