Friday, April 16, 2010

bfg on paper work and tampons

It was yesterday in the Pharmaprix as I was seeking out my preferred brand of tampons that it hit me: "Can I get these in Japan?"

It was the first time the fact that as of August 1st 2010 I will be in Tokyo sunk in. And I felt this mega surge of excitement and fear that went beyond opening an envelope for a response as to whether I got a JET post or not. Rather, it was the physical fear - the kind where your mind transports you to a moment when in desperation you are searching for something so familiar and easily accessible you had never before considered the possible hurdles in its purchase. Until now.

On Wednesday, I hurriedly opened the manila envelope from JET which stated that I am a SHORT-LIST candidate. This does not mean I am on the waiting list, those are
"Alternates", but that I am on their "first choice of teachers" register who is without a contract until an acceptance form from moi lands on their desk by April 30th or they boot you out.

Before me is my days labour: filling out not only the famous Short-List Replay form but a renewal of my passport, letters to TELUS mobility (LONG story), insurance claims and letters to my employer asking for a one year leave of absence. I have lots more paper work to do - after work, I am off to the identity claims Canada to order my oh-so-expensive Criminal Record Check. My medical report is worth 65$ - the doc made more in one minute that I do in an hour. Oh arts degree how I love thee!

So amidst the paper and the blogging I wonder to myself how I am going to last these next three months... Last night, I could not sleep literally searching tampon brands in Japan online. SIDE NOTE: For the male readers, if any, I guess the closest thing is shaving gel though even that isn't as... imperative; all to say, I have a right to be particular during my lady-time. So those kinda worries mixed in with lots of money spent and feeling famous because everyone seems to wants my signature and thoughts of leaving my favorite person, Nephew Luca, make me sad... I complain, coordinate departure logistics and start a blog.

bfg out.


  1. bfg very cool. Congratulations on the JET. Poor Luca!

  2. HEY TG! Thanks - hopefully, more on books now that I am free from the bounds of books.

  3. I had the same tampon question when I was moving to Japan. Ultimately, I just said, "Screw it" and brought a bunch of tampons with me. I'm sure my luggage was very amusing to the TSA official who searched it at the airport!

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