Thursday, April 22, 2010

bfg on burning her budget

You know when you say (or in this case write) something and then you throw it all to hell right after?

lunch with Gabsters: $16
purchasing all of GG Kay's books to get signed plus 1 edition of YASABEL for one of my students: 82$
drink at hotel pre-reading/signing of Kay: $10
drinks for moi and said awesome author post reading & signing: **

So I went about $100 over my budget - after having JUST blogged about me being a frugal woman.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Four of us got to sit at a table and see the man behind some of the most beautifully written works of literature out there. He is a private man, so I won't share the details but he said something that resonated inside of me; about how there is this space between what we think up in our heads and our capability to produce what we imagine. I have held back from writing often because once I sit down and stare at the screen my fingers, my very body seems unworthy of the story that needs to be told. And so I jot it in my little book and leave it there to live without disappointment.

I also got to spend time with E, a friend from other Cons and author events, and I met two of her good friends one of which is an ESL teacher that gave me plenty of advice. E & I seem to share the same taste in literature which makes her an instant friend. It was interesting to see how each one of us interacted with GGK's books; we all agreed on loving the writing but it seems the "star" quality is different for each. I can honestly write that the second best thing other than reading a book, and at times it is the best, is talking about them. And E was there during the Kafflelache for GGK during Worldcon so that was like a reunion - just replace the coffee for Coke and Rum! (Oh WorldCon, how I love thee!)

The other thing is because I had a stack for him to sign it allowed me to make conversation which then allowed me to, of course, mention that I am leaving for Japan. It turns out that an acquaintance who a) loves books b) especially loves YA books and c) has just completed their Master's and unsure whether they should continue is going through JET as well. Honestly, it clicked and I haven't even met them.

I love that about life. The way things fit together sometimes. So screw you 100$ I am HAPPY I spent you - it was all worth it. Memories to savor when I curl up with a book and maybe a JET partner, potential friend, to do mini-trips with combing the used bookstores for GGK books in Japanese. Thank you Fates! At times, you are kind.

bfg goes to curl up with a book staring adoringly at her new tomes in the meantime. happy reading!


  1. I love your Blog!! I'll be following it & your journey abroad. I wish you the best of luck and tones of fun adventures :D
    Ingrid x

  2. Thank you! Let us hope it stays that way :)