Monday, April 19, 2010

bfg on becoming a karaoke goddess that gleeks

Oh yes, I have a list of "Have To" for Japan. It is still incomplete but I have some items that have pretty secure standing.

Like digging for treasure. Not that I really expect to find anything but I think it will be cool to be an old grandma, spit in a bucket and scare the local children while I tell them about how I found the Jewel of Fuji-sama in Japan. Actually, I could probably do that now but 'em kids today are smart - I'll need a photo to prove it.

And of course, I need to learn ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and kyudo (Japanese ancient archery). The latter preferable by men in a loin cloth than the MC Hammer pants. Or bare chested at the very least.

Oh right, and get a tattoo of Japan on my shoulder. My last tattoo I think but something that makes its mark. I am here. I was there. It wasn't a dream. Unfortunately, every time I ask a Japanese friend for advice on where in Tokyo I can go for that, their hair stands on end and they say in a high voice (for a Japanese person) "Nonono~! Tattoo is Yakuza!" I will have to figure it out once there I guess.

But above all - I want to be a Karaoke goddess.

My voice is far from good enough to sing professionally - it is a little flat - and I would never want that. Too busy, you know? I just want to sing a Bennett song then head to the bar and order Coco Channel martinis and wear ridiculously red lipstick. I will be so poor that will probably have to alternate between dresses and rely on my intimidating height for the audience to fill my cups but for a time I will be happy.

I want the night life of walking into a bar sing a couple of tunes and make fake conversation. In my mind its about Mishima but I am sure I can adapt. Of course, the trend there seems to be private rooms but this is a list people! and a dream. I have my rights after all.

So while here, and while I let my self dream away I think... what playlist should I have ready? You know, all karaoke goddess have a list ready for all occasions. I wonder if GLEE is popular there. Let me check -

... goes to check...

OMG - If there is anything you do today please, pretty please watch this GLEE promo .

I had lots more of things of substance to say but instead I am going to go and practice my Lionel Richie. I leave you then with a picture of my dinner: National pride, both Quebec and Canada, mixed in with my soon-to-be new home, Nippon.

bfg gleeks out.


  1. Lionel Richie is a good call; just this week I was in a sleazy hostess bar being hassled to sing some Richie or Billy Joel. "Shirimasen! Nijuu nanasai desuyo!" I protested. None of them had heard of Radiohead...

  2. I LOVE BILLY JOEL!! This is great news-
    Are you leaving at the end of the year? Do JETS going home meet in Tokyo with us? Hope to see you there if so!

  3. No, I'm sticking around, and I'm not involved in Tokyo orientation. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself in the Yamagata area.

  4. you know that you cannot enter an onsen or any kind of public ofuro with a tattoo!!!!!! :O

  5. You are telling me that I can't go even if they are covered? And white?

  6. There's no covering anything in an onsen.

  7. Hey! Thanks for linking your blog to mine. Can you believe in a few short months we'll be heading to Japan? Mind you -- I still have a week left of classes and finals, but my mind is already preparing packing lists.

    Even as I write this, I should be writing a 70 page proposal on U.S. Foreign Policy toward North Korea. <-- To hell with it, eh?

    But, back to your blog. First off, the other commenters are asbolutely correct. Tattoos are taboo in onsens. Better to wait and get a tattoo right before you leave Japan for home. I've heard its too much of a hassle to have a tattoo while over there. And yes, Yakuza are known to have tattoos (though, probably not one of Japan) and so the conotation that those with tattoos (usually, this only pertains to Japanese nationals) are in Yakuza was born.

    Also, I watched that Glee promo a while ago and cannot wait to watch Glee dubbed in Japanese. I seriously hope that Sumo wrestler is the main star. Most likely, it's just the regular Glee dubbed. But, still will be glorious.

    And, using our knowledge of Glee-ful songs, we can dominate aKaraoke. Anyways, most popular Karaoke songs are in English, so we've already got a leg up. ;)

  8. Steph - SEVENTY PAGE PROPOSAL. Is this for your PhD???
    I think I may have a paper on that if you want me to send it your way for info etc.

    I already have tatoos - 2. Both are VERY small; a star on my hip that is the size of a thumbnail and the fleur de lis on my back/right shoulder which is also small. Got them YEARS ago but luckily in places that are easy to hide ~ I do not like people seeing them unless I want to.

    So I have to put up with the "crap" of being marked anyways.

    We totally have a GLEE karaoke date. I am practicing at work listening and practicing "moves". Please - the Madonna episode was DIVINE.