Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bfg on envelope etiquette

I came home early today. And there, on my kitchen table was a crisp white envelope containing my criminal record check from the police station.

That document cost me $85.oo so you better believe I want to make sure that I do this right.

The last bit of paperwork that JET needs from me is a "Vulnerability Check" - it means that I have not been convicted of a crime or involved in any activity while I have been in Canada that would lead someone to believe that I am a potential threat to youths. Obviously, these people haven't been to my Sunday sermons.

I called Tania G., the JET Coordinator for the Montreal Consulate. I try very hard NOT to call the Consulate because I can only imagine how many they get an hour. A hundred? But considering what was at stake I decided to bother her and ask if I am allowed to open the envelope and make photocopies as back-ups. It turns out it was aye-okay and I did just that. Piece of advice: anything you paid for, photocopy. How often have people lost the doc, never received it or just can't read it... and then in comes Nessa waving the photocopies and proofs saying "Oh no! You got this." Trust me, it will save your ass. All you need is a beautiful black filing cabinet like mine to organize it all in. A worthy investment since only important people have filing cabinets and shredders - true story.

There is something to be said about a crisp piece of paper all stamped and shiny the way paper does that says I am a good person. Not nice, but good. I haven't killed anyone, or hurt them in any way that has been a detriment to society. I think once I come back from Japan I may frame my photocopy and put it in my entrance or something.

Something else though... one pieces of 8x11 inch paper drove me crazy: had me go to 2 police stations, call 3 centres, borrow the car with the bf, wait in line for 40 mins, stress for 3 weeks and bite my nails... all over this itty bitty piece of paper. Puts things into perspective - I need to get a life.

bfg returns to calming yoga tactics.

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