Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bfg on "Hanko this!"

I am at work now and trying my best to keep busy. It is amazing how the littlest things can take up so much time.

Hanko is  stamp in Japanese and the kids here go nuts over them. Especially if it means getting a price at the end. One of the recommendations during Orientation at Asunaro was to have a hanko card to encourage students to participate in class and do their homework. My predecessor did use hanko cards but I was really inspired by the design on the sempai JETs here, Sally L, showed us during our workshops.

So proof that I am not only chatting away on FB but working, voila my hanko cards.

Inside the Hanko/Name Tag card

The "Outside" where the name tag faces me
the In-class Phrases chart faces the student.
Folded in three

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