Sunday, January 30, 2011

bfg on the japan challenge a la starbucks

The only one that matters since it is me doing it.

So it is official: I have re-contracted and am staying here at least until August of 2012. We shall see what happens then.

So with all this time left, I want to see everything. Some foreign countries I would love to see like Russia and Korea. But really, I came here for Japan and Japan I will see.

But where to go? Where to start? I told you all before I am a woman run by the power of the list: checking off the box, crossing it off, highlighting them and numbering them - I live by this.

But what theme should I go by for Japan? Literature? Museums? Randomly going places-  I can not do. I needed a list.

When my friend G was here for the holidays we did find time from all our Tokyo travels to shop in Shizuoka. I love Shizuoka more after that holiday in Tokyo. The shops in Big-T may be huge and just MEGA but Shizuoka has pretty much everything you want without the crowds. Not to mention not getting that overwhelming feeling of "So Fucking Much" when you walk into the four floored LOFT in Tokyo. Maddening.
Towards the end of one shopping excursion, we passed by a Starbucks where a mug of Shizuoka caught my eye! It is f-ugly but it says Shizuoka; how could I not buy it? They have all these other mugs but I needed my Shiz.

Then G lifts up one of those pamphlets that showcases all the mugs available. I roll my eyes turning away at how stupid it is to have a mini catalogue of the cups. Did anyone say useless?

But she really opened it and my eye did catch a map of Japan. I looked.
poster is up in my room
There before me was my list.

The map has points all over where Starbucks has their mugs. Not too many. Not too little. Just enough to do in 18 months I have left. Useless to lifeline in a matter of seconds!

And so Mug # 1 Shizuoka has been obtained. And only when I travel to those destinations and get me another mug will the item be checked off my list.

Some may call this the ramblings of a control freak. Others may say this is too anal. I say, hell to it.

Get ready Japan. bfg is acomin'.

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