Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bfg on being the big green alien

So I have many a blog post written and none finished.

Suck it up. (no, am STILL not over suck. or ass. It provides too much entertainment these cold, cold nights for me to let go).

The good news: I finished my draft of my thesis.
The bad news: I rewrote certain sections and though better its not... perfect. Its not exactly whats in my head. Why does it always sound so much better IN my head? Note to self...

There was an anecdote I wanted to use in my conclusion that I ended up cutting because it seemed one too many personal accounts for a Master's thesis. But it is probably one of, if not THE most memorable moment in my short history in Japan (to date! The future is so promising).

At the end of semester, I gave my students a survey in both Japanese and English asking them if they liked me, liked English, wanted to travel, and, most important for me, if my tests were fair and what else they wanted me to teach them the following term.

As to point A, an overwhelming 94.6% said my tests were FAIR! I couldn't believe it since all the teachers comment at how difficult my exams are. This is one of those moments where I fully intend to plastic bind a pie chart with the results and whip it out next English teachers meeting. I need a Law and Order outfit for that.

As to the second point, most of the students wanted me to teach them about television culture. I was very surprised by this as it meant them not understanding the majority of things.

"Oh! You expect captions... right."

I explained to them that if we did this they need to tell me what they like because there are so many choices.

"Sensei, what like you?" G is one of my favourite students. He is toooooo cute. I totally want to adopt him. He wears thick black glasses, has a winning smile which he flashes at me every instant he gets knowing I will shower him with hanko. So much for me not having bias. I totally fail in THAT department.

"I like shows about aliens!"
peaceful alien
"Eh! Nandesuka!" Oh, that familiar chant. How I hate you.

"Aliens. You know..." I went to the board and took a marker. "You know... A...LI...ENS... They are green" I took the green marker, "and they have little antennas, "I drew antennas, "and they have space ships and they are from another planet. Aliens..."

Blank faces. Another talent I lack is drawing. So much for being Italian; I can't cook OR draw.

"Okay. Mimori sensei maybe you can help? How would you say 'alien' in Japanese?"

She looks at me. "Alien." She looks at my picture and says, "Gaikokujin."

Now in case you don't know, gaikokujin means alien in the sense of foreigner.

I stared at her. "I am a green alien?"

"Yes. You are an alien. You are gaikokujin."

In her defence, I was wearing a green dress that day.


  1. Hah! That is SO cute, Nessie! Can't wait to see you in Tokyo in April!

  2. Thanks! The fact that you are bombarded with words and things everyday - I am honoured you read this!!

    And I can not WAIT for Tokyo!! It will be great GREAT fun. I will make sure to NOT wear green so we won't be kicked out from anywhere ;)