Monday, December 6, 2010

bfg on nerves

I took a nap today. God, slipping between my MUJI sheets with a heater on. Simple pleasures are the best.

I am a little on nerves. The next four weekends are packed with to-dos. End of semester has had me correcting and staying over-time, not that that is news. And I have to finish this draft by January 10th or I will just shoot myself. I need to sign off on this.

Last week, I sat in front of my computer every night and wrote nothing except unimaginative facebook statuses. Maybe I should ask my thesis advisor if I can add that to my word count? He is pretty cool after all...

I was inspired today after I spoke with my friend Hide who helped me out with SLAMDUNK BUSHIDO, a book that discusses how the manga Slamdunk is the modern reference for bushido. I have to confess I was really unenthusiastic when my prof "suggested" that I read it. I mean his suggestion is like God saying to Moses "I think you should go down the mountain. Just a suggestion." Right.

But buy book three, I was addicted. Yeah, I know. Vanessa Giovanna Salera Gaudio likes a manga that is about BASKETBALL. This is humourous. The last time I played basketball I was centre in high school in gym class. As I jumped for the ball determined to "tip" it to a player that was actually on my team, I missed it completely and the ball landed smack on my nose. I did manage to injure the other centre! This of course led to my high school motto, "Gym is against my religion" which followed with me arguing with my teachers that they could not force me to do something against my religious beliefs. Seriously.

But I love it. I adore this book. I am on Volume 12; 13 came out yesterday and you BETTER believe that even swamped with exam correcting I bought it. I don't want to write about it much here. I can't - need to save that for my Big-T but it really is the "Japanese Bible" as my Japanese friends like to say.

Right now, the funniest thing is I really, really miss home: Antonio, nephews, three am with Robert and talking about how Three Musketeers is the greatest book in the world while drinking champagne. Did you know I missed seeing William Gibson and Tad Williams? Those two had to choose the year I am not in Montreal to come. Really. Honestly. I may not buy paperback editions of your books anymore dudes~!! Only the hardcovers. But yeah, sometimes during the day I find myself looking into space and wishing I was home.

And yet, I feel so at home right now. My new furniture has like suddenly brought this "Your home" feel to life here. I am excited to go to my apartment and just sit in my MUJI chair and flip through kids books in Japanese while samurai movies play in the back ground. How I can have these two intense emotions - since everything is intense with me. Its the WOP factor - at the same time I do not know. But it is exhausting and I blame it for causing my writers block. Dam you! *shakes fist*

This Friday I have a party! Yeah. I am excited - I love dancing and singing and champagne. Doing it with friends is even better. I am a little perturbed as I got emails and requests from people I didn't even know so I capped it all up. Sucks but I am old and entertaining more than thirty people just won't be fun for me anymore. And this is an all-me universe. It is my blog after all.

I may invite Doutor boy but for some reason I haven't been able to talk with this guy. Promise though I haven't played with the toilet ONCE this week. Award winning.

Gina is coming in two weeks - a friend from home. Disneyland and Disneysea for Christmas and if money permits maybe a getaway to a spa hotel in Izu. I really should shut-up. Nerves? In the end, it is all my fault. I filled my schedule with this, volunteering at a kids Christmas party where BFG is the present, Fuji with some students, Muji coffee with another student (Lisa the hair girl), ...

Anyways, bfg needs to return to Big-T. Its always a good thing after referring to oneself in the third person.

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  1. Hi! I am an occasional reader of your blog, but I read it more comprehensively today (flu + hangover + heavy snow = need for distraction) and methinks we have some things in common. a. I just posted that same book list on my FB (though we have different tastes, and you HAVE to read A Secret History) and b. we have the same opinion re Jo/Laurie and c. I also got everything I wanted from my JET appl (though as I am in Sapporo, this is another place in which we diverge in taste).

    Anyway, nice to meet you, feel free to stop by my blog if you're interested (I am going to follow yours as of the end of this overlong comment).