Friday, November 12, 2010

bfg on the worst thing that could happen did

I like Justin Bieber's music.

There. I said it. Let the vegitable throwing, tsking and Facebook un-friending begin.

It was not intensional. It happened... I was chained, forced. I fought the whole way. What can I do?

It started when I had the bright idea to teach 5 weeks on Canadian Music. This way, I would teach them the grammar points "I like..." and "I prefer..." and also, get these kids into answering WHY they like something. The WHY question is not a popular one in the Japanese school system.

"Banessa sensei. On the test, you ask if they like Celine Dion."

"Yes." I waited for the point.

"And then you asked why."

"Yes." Still waiting.

"Well, why?"

Um, maybe because I want my students to engage in an actual conversation with someone and not just nod their heads in yeses or nos.

Anyways, I proposed the idea the JTEs were like, "Who were you thinking of?"

"Well, I am thinking Celine Dion and Shania Twain... " which is great. I adore Shania, love Celine and I ended up doing a whole DIVA lesson that is working well. Plus, these are mega stars so am justified.

"Oh, and Justin Bieber."

Shit. "I guess." But I felt I should give in to the suggestion. They rarely offer anything so when they do I feel like I should oblige. Not to mention that every other 16 year old knows about the Beaver kid. So, what to do...

I decided to introduce the whole unit with him. So for the past two weeks, I have been watching One Less Lonely Girl and Somebody to Love over and over... the first couple of times I tuned out. Or so I thought.

"Banessa! so jyozu!"


"Know all words." And I do. Every one. "Thanks." I wanted to rip the kids hanko card in half.

Then it moved to class conversation. "Okay so, do - you - like - Justin - Bieber?" I asked this really slowly.

I was floored when a student raised their hand and said, "Do you like Biever?"

Whoa, I gave that kid like a million hanko. "No! But I think he is a good dancer."

"Ehhhhh! Banessa sensei Bieversukinai!??? Demo, Banessa sensei dance."

"" I looked to the JTE with the Spock expression "please translate, this Vulcan does not understand" eyebrow thing though not as well.

"They said you sing and dance so how can you not like."

What to say at that point... I was dancing. I knew the words. That night I downloaded his CD and learned that the kid knows how to play the TRUMPET. I mean shit that is kinda cool... as well as the drums, piano and guitar. Respect.

So there you have it. I have gone to the Dark Side of the Force. I will have to buy myself one of those Japanese sick people masks and paint it black.

bfg returns to thesis. Yes, that again.

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