Friday, July 9, 2010

bfg on ladies night

Well, I made it home safely. Yes - even after half a bottle of cheep sparkling wine and five too many vodka &ice teas (whose counting?) I am home in pjs getting ready to watch another episode of Supernatural.

This evening I had supper with Gabs and Catherine, the SciFy chicks I went to Worldcon with last August.  Always a pleasure to be in the company of those two and it amazes me that though I have known them since CEGEP only this year have we really gotten close.

The three of us are swamped; one being preggers and the other completing a degree with both supporting themselves. But since I was leaving they made the time to have a little get together, us three, to chat and catch up before I leave for what at this very moment feels like too long a time.

There is something so magical about goodbyes like this. None of us know how long I will be gone, none of us know if, considering how we are evolving into different "life roles" now, we will really be able to have more drinking/eating/blabing nights. So when I hugged each one of them it was so... so precious. It is sad and yet beautiful this moment that I hold them with uncertainty of not only when we would next meet but HOW we would.

And as I sit here, I miss them both so much already. Gabs and Catherine are so, so special to me. Over the course of this year I have shared lunches and author talks with them being able to switch from talking about my day at work to how struck I was by the latest G.G. Kay book. These two ladies are so dazzling because they aren't bored when I outline the plot to Wheel of Time Book #13... again. In fact, they often rebuttal with a synopsis on Jasper Fforde's writing style or a look at the dedicated and honourary Sci Fi shelf in the living room. Gabs and C are as passionate about books as I am  - so its no wonder we all squealed when I told them about the books adventures planned for August 4th in Tokyo.

July has been a month of realizing all the crap that has been in my life which I am happy to leave behind. But right now as I write this up, there is a oh-so-strong realization of the very many things I love here.

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