Saturday, July 17, 2010

bfg on pets

It is 1am and I should be in bed but was doing some last minute things for Ottawa, like charging the batteries of my devices, etc.  and while uploading my pics, I came across this which I had to share with you: Sasha, the bf's dog, in my luggage.

No, that was not for Ottawa - I was repacking today for Japan and unfortunately it did not go so well. The omiyage are just too heavy considering the amount. I don't know what to do but will figure it out I guess.

As mentioned below, have been trying to convince the bf to come stay in Japan for a significant amount of time... a summer between 1st and 2nd year and a year free with moi while I am on my third year. He can write that famous novel swimming in his head and then I can just live in Japan for 5 months out of the year for the rest of my life.

Crazy? I know I may not even WANT to stay but this is a convo I thought best for now  in person and not in the future over SKYPE.

One of my big hurdles is going to be having him keep the dog at the 'rents for the time awat. At least my competition is small cute heehee.

But joking aside, pets in Japan is a huge deal. It will cost us at least 2 K to fly Sasha over. At Narita airport, Ant would have to pay for a hotel for 2 weeks just to go and feed and clean the cage 2x per day. And than, she needs to get hyper tested, shots, etc. A special collar given to her with all this info (mostly when her last rabies shot was) ... and even if we did ALL THAT, which I would, in my craziness in love moment would consider buying into, we would have to move out of my apartment. Most apartments do not allow pets to live inside and it has been explained to me that Sasha outside is not an option.

But she is pretty cute. I am going to miss her a lot, even though she annoys me at night when she walks around and I wake up. It is really nice when I open the door and come home to see Sasha wagging her tail and kissing me "Hello!". Sometimes she even tells me about her day. This is one smart dog and has always made for good company...

Who knows! Maybe I can bribe the landlord?!

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