Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bfg on note-taking

My thighs and other sensitive parts are tingling from the waxing lady. God, it feels so good to go - it hurts like hell but you feel great. This lady, Dorothy at Salon Voce, nine minutes and you are out of there. She is zippity quick and cheep for downtown i.e. recommended.

Am sitting here at Indigo with my fruit passion and mango iced tea staring lovingly at my new business cards out of the corner of my eye. I was complemented by the graphics guy on the colour choice which made me beam with pride. Pathetic to be sure but the worse part - at the salon, I saw Hachiko, the Japanese hairdresser who was kind enough to do my hair yesterday, who gave me loads of advice and who I wished to continue corresponding with. So duh, hand her a business card right? But I couldn't do it... it felt so pretentious and "not me". So there you have it people, one hundred business cards in my name and $55.48 dollars later and I don't use them. Lovely.

One useful piece of advice Hachiko gave me was a travel agency that had great deals on booking tickets to Japan and most of Asia, Voyages Baro Baro. Hachiko-san was able to book a ticket to J for $900 with Air Canada in December. That is just amazing~! Especially for the JETs with significant others staying in Montreal or for my friends and family that want to visit it is nice to know where to go for the best deal. They are located right by the Art Java on University street....

~~ I never posted this so thought to now. So funny reading it while I am in Japan~~

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